Where all our grannies worked

 ‘Almost everyone in the country will have a grandparent or great grandparent who worked in industry and industrial heritage provides soul to the places where they were brought up’ says English Heritage.  We reckon they might have a point.  In any case we are now being given a chance to help promote the places which have given the Black Country its character and which are now threatened.  Comments and pictures of places like Langley Maltings (image), damaged by fire in 2009, can now be uploaded to a Flickr group run together with national archaeology groups.   So if there’s something nearby that you think shouldn’t be forgotten now’s your chance to pitch in.  Most of the Black Country sites recorded already happen to be in Sandwell (some as part of a great set of photos of all the listed structures in West Brom). Meanwhile unknown to them Google have aleady recorded a piece of history in their images of Langley Maltings before the fire.

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