Old buildings tell us stories

It’s pretty clear that historic buildings and structures we see around us everyday can tell us something about the way we used to live.  But should we just think of them as a bit of nostalgia? Or can they also help us think about the way the future should look? 

In the case of one Black Country town, a project set out to capture the thoughts and ideas of local people and feed them into the process of planning the future.  The project website includes all the results… photos, a mural (part of it shown here), oral history recordings and some great dramatic scripts… including one about a fictional local history group whose committee chooses to ignore any history after 1956. Why stop at 1956?  Visit the Brierley Hillness website and find out.

> Read What is Brierley Hillness? By Suzanne Carter
> Visit the Brierley Hillness website

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