Want to see the Black Country landscape for yourself?  This page will link you to walking and cycling routes around some of the historic features of the area.  There are two dozen different trails to try, so get out there!
(list: alphabetically by place name; by most downloaded)

(Special thanks to the websites listed at the bottom of the page for hosting the trail guides)

1. All Saints & Blakenhall Pubs Trail
A tour of thirteen pubs in the All Saints & Blakenhall areas of Wolverhampton, including the Builders Arms, with its links to Butler’s Wolverhampton brewery.
(ABCD=All Saints & Blakenhall Community Development)

2. All Saints & Blakenhall War Trail
A 2.5 mile tour of sites linked to the World Wars in this part of Wolverhampton.  Includes Chillington Wharf, a bombing target and important link between the railways and canals.
(ABCD=All Saints & Blakenhall Community Development)

3. All Saints Trail
A 3 mile tour around a dozen sites illustrating the history of the All Saints’ area of Wolverhampton.  Includes a former malt house and a clinker brick wall.

4. The Bilston Trail
A 3 mile circular walk stopping off at points of interest near Bilston town centre.  Includes a monument to women’s work (such as coal picking and nail making).

5. Black Country Canals
Designed for boaters wanting to travel round the ring of canals between Wordsley, Dudley Port and Wolverhampton, this also provides a guide for anyone wanting to walk or cycle the canal towpaths.

6. Blakenhall Trail
A dozen sites in the Blakenhall area of Wolverhampton which show something of the local history, especially the manufacture of bikes, motorbikes and cars.

7. Bumble Hole Audio Trail
Uniquely in the Black Country, this route offers a downloadable audio file to guide you round a 1.5 mile walk.  The route starts at the visitors’ centre and takes in a number of characteristic local features, including the view from a heap of colliery spoil. Top that.

8. Dudley Canals
A guide to cycling and walking along the waterways in Dudley, including walks along the Stourbridge Town Arm (3 miles) and the ‘Delph walk’ (1.5 miles) past a flight of eight locks.

9. Halesowen Town Heritage Trail
A walk around the centre of Halesowen stopping at the visible clues to its past.  Includes this former watermill on the river Stour, like many others which powered early industry in the area.

10. Walk Oldbury
A guide to sites and attractions in Oldbury (which poetically mentions that ‘in the 19th century … the silver threads of the canals crept over the green fields of Oldbury and Langley’).

11. Walk Rowley Regis
A guide to sites and attractions in Rowley, including a chainshop at Temple Meadow school and Corngreaves Hall, owned by the Attwoods who built the first ironworks in the area.

12. Sandwell Canals
A guide to cycling and walking along the waterways in Sandwell, including circular walks along the Galton Valley, Smethwick (2 miles) and from the Neptune Health Park, Tipton (4 miles).

13. Sandwell-Birmingham Canal Walk
An 8 mile walk between rail stations, taking you under one of the better known products of the local iron industry, the Galton Bridge over the Birmingham canal.

14. Walk Smethwick
A guide to sites and attractions in Smethwick, including a restored canal pumping station, and the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara which, when it was opened, was the largest outside India.

15. Stourbridge Town (Canal) Arm
A history and guide to the Stourbridge Town arm of the local canal network including, at its end, the restored Bonded Warehouse, a building which would have had special tax status owing to its role in local trade.  Another version of this route is available as the Stourbridge Lion & Agenoria Trail.

16. Tettenhall Village Trail
A walk of just over a mile around points of interest in Tettenhall, including the drinking fountain donated to the village by Horatio Gibbs Powell, an industrialist linked to the local iron trade.

17. Walk Tipton
A guide to sites and attractions in Tipton, including another example of a local Staffordshire Blue Brick building, the church of St Marks on Ocker Hill Road.

18. Walsall Canals
A guide to cycling and walking along the waterways in Walsall, including circular walks starting from the New Art Gallery (4 miles) and around the ‘Four Commons’ (6 miles).

19. Walk Wednesbury
A guide to attractions in the town, including Hydes Pool, until 1939 part of a golf course, but created when clay was taken for a nearby brickworks. Today a green sanctuary and haven for wildlife.

20. Walk West Bromwich
A guide to sites and attractions in West Brom, including the Sandwell Valley, location of the last working colliery in the area (see Traces of Industry…).

21. Wolverhampton Canals
A guide to the northern part of the Black Country canals (ie. not those in Dudley & Stourbridge) including cycle routes between the centres of Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

22. Wolverhampton City Trail
A guide to a walk of the city centre (less than 2 miles) taking in no less than 36 historic features.  Includes the former Chubb & Sons lock works, now the Light House Media Centre.

23. Wolverhampton Locks Trail
Guide to a walk (2 miles each way) along the 21 locks which take the canals off the Black Country Plateau (see Where the Old Bull is Really on the Level).  Passes the ruins of the former Springfield Brewery.

Thanks to the following websites hosting the trail guides listed above:
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council www.dudley.gov.uk;
Norm’s Audio Trails http://normsaudiotrails.wordpress.com/;
Visit West Brom www.visitwestbrom.com;
Walking Britain www.walkingbritain.co.uk;
Waterscape www.waterscape.com;
Wolverhampton City www.wolverhamptoncity.co.uk;
Wolverhampton History & Heritage www.localhistory.scit.wlv.ac.uk.

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