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Sorry, but this survey has now closed.


3 responses to “Tell us what you think

  1. When I click on the button, it takes me to a page thanking me for completing the survey – where is the survey?

  2. Same problem, but not to worry. Social media does help to spread the word, although there’s still a place for the local paper as many people don’t use social media. A schools programme would be good to get children interested. As former Chair of Friends of Smethwick Canal Museum, we commissioned a local multimedia arts company to design and deliver a ‘summer school’ for 11-16 years olds, with aim of raising awareness and appreciation of Galton Valley. The results were fantastic – 15 local kids signed up (through schools), learnt storyboarding, cartooning, digital camera skills, the history of the canals and an awareness of civil engineering. Most holiday schemes are aimed at under 11s; we wanted to provide for the older kids. Sorry I can’t access the survey, but hopefully I’ve answered some of your questions…

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