DSC_0102a_squareTower blocks: no simple explanations
Paul Quigley writes that, for better or worse, tower blocks are part of our heritage. He wonders if we can do more to understand them.
What should we expect – or want – homes of the future to look like? … Read more

The Railways before Stephenson
David Eveleigh reviews Mark Jones’ book ‘Discovering Britain’s First Railways’.
One of the early railways featured in Mark Jones’ book is the Storeton Railway in Wirral and as a young teenager I explored this thoroughly, even digging up sections of the short lengths of fish bellied rail of 1837 in nearby woods… Read more

Lost Route to an ‘Inland Resort’
David Eveleigh reviews Paul Collins’ book The Kinver Light Railway.
For most people who care to think about trams, tramways and the urban landscape are inseparable. Most trams went about their business against a back cloth of grimy streets in large towns … Read more

Traces of Industry We Should Value
Mike Hodder reviews Nigel Chapman’s book ‘South Staffordshire Coalfield’.
This attractive and well illustrated publication is far more than just a picture book about an industry that used to be a significant, if not dominant, part of the landscape… Read more

What is Brierley Hillness?
Suzanne Carter tells us about an important community arts & heritage project.
Most people share the opinion that the history and heritage of any town is important. Old buildings tell stories of how a town has developed, and certainly in the case of Brierley Hill they speak… Read more

Changes on the Cut
Paul Quigley discusses some long-term trends in the local landscape.
Peter Donnelly’s 1960s images of canals, already startlingly different from the modern landscape, have caused us to think about the way in which the areas next to the canals are still changing… Read more

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