High-rise in the Block Capital project

threeblocksdbc_logoThis page is a quick guide to the blocks which are part of our investigation.

The full list is at the bottom of this page, and the location of the blocks is shown in the google map window below. You can open an interactive version of the map here, which includes photos of all of the surviving blocks.

There were twenty blocks in all, of which nine survive in 2013. The oldest blocks still standing were approved by Willenhall Urban District Council in 1962, followed by those built in the following years by Bilston, Tipton, and Wednesbury.

Our investigation (which you can take part in – see the contact here) will focus on four themes, chosen by our volunteer researchers:(1) the experience of moving into a tower block in the 1960s; (2) what it was like to live in a tower block as a child; (3) why tower blocks were built the way they were; and (4) council policy – why blocks were built and why they were demolished.



Full list of the blocks:
(Name, Date of Construction/Demolition, Modern District)
a=construction approved

Arthur Greenwood Court, a1963/-, Wolverhampton
Hugh Gaitskell Court, a1963/-, Wolverhampton
Winston Churchill Court, a1963/-, Wolverhampton
Clem Atlee Court, a1963/-, Wolverhampton,
Wesley Court, a1963/2003-4, Wolverhampton
Trinity Court, a1962/2003-4, Wolverhampton
St. Stephens Court, a1962/2003, Wolverhampton
St Mary’s Court, a1964/-, Walsall
St Anne’s Court, a1962/-, Walsall
St Giles Court, a1962/-, Walsall
Alma Court, ~1975/2001, Walsall
Leys Court, ~1975/2001, Walsall
Russell House, 1966/-, Sandwell
Bolton Court #1, 1965/~1990, Sandwell
Bolton Court #2, 1965/2011, Sandwell
Bolton Court #3, 1965/2011, Sandwell
Jellico House, 1967/2004, Sandwell
Beatty House, 1967/2004, Sandwell
Nelson House, a1963/-, Sandwell
Drake House, a1963/2002, Sandwell


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